vendredi 8 novembre 2013

Blue prince

Here is a sample of work that I'm doing for the blue prince..... and I notice how coloring/painting is damn complicated. Not that I used to think that it's easy, not at all ! It makes me more aware how I hate so much color LOL ! Because of my lack of patience, and how I need so much to use my brain : To think about the suitables colors which can contrast and separate each elements(and for the atmosphere), to find where the light is coming from, to know where to wisely put details, and to not make it looks messy or dirty (cause the touch is also important to give as lively as the picture needs to be, otherwise, if your touch is not good, like mine, it will be easily dirty....) and textures.....

Anyway. This work is in progress, I need to think how I can manage to push more on contrasts and.... how to make it more lively. I would sell my both kidney to reach the level of ..... of..... Bambi background artists :'D. 

mercredi 6 novembre 2013


just trying things, again and again

mardi 5 novembre 2013

Ginger Girl

A test to see if the black ball pen is making stains or not after applying watercolors on it. Seems like nothing happened. Can be more or less useful in the future :'D

Sorry for my lack of activities here, because I'm actually developping one my personal project. I don't intend to post any of my researches here though ! 

I was also watching "Attack on Titan". A very good japanese animation, never seen as good as this one since Full metal alchemist : Brotherhood ! it's a relieved to finally being able to watch a well animated  japanese animation with a good story telling ! I kind of missed it. Anyway, if you got any free times, I suggest you to watch it. Although it's a bit violent (not the most violent anime I've seen in my whole life though, but just as a warning :'D for some of you)