lundi 9 juillet 2012

ストリートファイタ FOUUUUUUR

Normally, I use Sakura on IV. But my old main characters were Chun-li and Cammy when the Turbo was released on super nintendo. ( PS : I only use female characters, and at that time, there were only those obviously,...)

Oh and yeah, I really want to play Yukiko on Persona 4 : Arena. With Chie. I REALLY WANT THIS GAME !

3 commentaires:

  1. No no, not only 2... I think M.Bison is a girl :3
    It was Evo this weekend!!! Uryo finished 17th, but there was another Sakura player called Humanbomb who finished 5th!!! Check him out!
    J'ai envie de jouer maintenant! :S
    a tte!!

  2. buaahhh, he stole uryo's favorite colors outfit ! But i'm a little bit confused about who's really on the left :/ I can sometimes recognize uryo's fighting style(more than on the right) but...still confused.

    Oh and sorry, yeah M.Bison is a girl :D I can her big boobs