jeudi 18 octobre 2012

500 days of summer

Hello everybody !

Don't know, if you saw this movie, but I liked it actually. I know that some people didn't, but I did ! Because I'm in fond of love stories who actually aren't. Quite sad but well...

But I hope, I could make better than this later :'3 I'm still praying for being a better CG animator.
By the way, I want to thank this guy who had help me during the process. And a little bit my brother .... and my boyfriend who cheered me up and pictures of  welsh corgi puppies because seeing a ton of corgi puppies gave me strength and inspiration (You have to try it once, that may be the best advice that I could give you, ... For all of you !)...

Anyway, I have a fighting batman animation in my head, I'm gonna see if I have time to make it. :)

6 commentaires:

  1. vi c'est un très chouette film qui sort clairement des histoires à l'eau de rose.
    Et puis Zoey Deschanel, omnomnom.

    sympa le lipsync sinon, et ressemblant à l'acteur :)

  2. Woop! Corgi Power! U。・ェ・。U

  3. Je reçois encore des mails de "dis-moi ce que je dois faire pour rentrer aux gobelins".. . La prochaine fois je leur dirait de mater des wesh corgis, ça devrait marcher...

    Cool ton lipsynch sinon (même si j'ai pas trop saisi le décor...)

    Et tu vas faire une fight alors ? COURAGE.

  4. Heyy! I found your blog throught Pinterest!! Your art is amazing! Congrats!

  5. ahahahaha Why it doesn't surprise me Laurent helped you with this one ?! Aha the way u played around with the look mayyyybe ;P hehe, anyway, I find it AMAZING ! Let's pray someday I'll do good stuff like that in 3D B-)