mardi 11 juin 2013

long time ago....

Hello People,

I am actually in Denmark and those drawings below have been done since a long time ago but I don't know why I didn't scan them when I was still in France. Now, it is pretty hard to do things well when photoshop is not there. And also on a Mac which is more difficult for a microsoft user such as me.

Anyway. Here it is.

By the way, for some people who didn't know that, I am at Viborg for working on Song of the sea project, the new Tom Moore's feature film ;)
And because I usually don't give that much informations about what I do and did, I also worked on Mark osborne's new feature film "the Little Prince" as a character designer. I've met so much talented people and enjoyed the job. The character design group was composed by a dude who likes to draw naked girl, a hypster who loves corgis and a supervisor who looks like Alf.

Youhou !

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