mercredi 17 juillet 2013

11 seconds club - May 2013

11 seconds club - May 2013 from Han Sandrine on Vimeo.

FINALLY I DID IT ! God ! I passed my whole evening and night to do this damn lipsynch, with an almost broken shoulder, just because I got the damn idea to start a 11 seconds club 2 weeks before the deadline. And of course, didn't make the shots easy ... I'm not that fond of the subtle acting that I made for the king, it's a kind of BORING I think. Anyway, my shoulder is still hurting me but after going to the swimming pool, that might be better :'D

By the way, still have to tie down the last shot and to redraw beards and some details on the character such as his tongue and teeth. Anyway, just an advice... Never do the 11seconds club when you're not in day off, if you really want to then do it but make it simple (don't do more than 13 seconds) and make a stick man as a character if you can.

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