lundi 30 décembre 2013

dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Dogs vs...

The failed version

Sometimes, I feel how necessary it is to be aware of our first mistakes. I'm not entirely satisfied by the final version but compared to the very first one, it feels good to see the evolution. How about you ?

vendredi 27 décembre 2013



And another movie called Days of heaven. 

In the metro since 2012-2013


watercolor with watercolor pencil
Err..... still trying things..... and still a geek haha.... I'll try to do better next time.... 

mercredi 25 décembre 2013


I received a tons of watercolor papers this Xmas from my bro and my sis in law :) HAPPY I AM, I immediately make this !

Anyway, I wish for all of you guys a happy fat santa in your cheminee !


MERRY CHRIST.... err wait

vendredi 13 décembre 2013

From my window

Watercolors again ?

Still some researches for my project "The Blue Prince"

lundi 9 décembre 2013


Here it is, my bedroom. Before, I tried to paint an overview of the city from my window but it was too difficult to begin with watercolors so I choose the simplest point of view with the simplest lights

Another exercise with a screenshot from the movie "The Naked Prey" taken from the blog CINEMOSAIC 

It was already very late at night, couldn't go outside at this time for painting, it might be too dangerous :'D