lundi 27 janvier 2014


I'm not used to draw only faces, but well, don't get any ideas .... I'm too lazy to paint now that I started my new job :'D GODDAMN IT ! I need a coach to yell at me and kick my back, and push me to stop getting lazy !

lundi 13 janvier 2014

North and South

His heart beat thick at the thought of her coming. He could not forget the touch of her
arms around his neck, impatiently felt as it had been at the time.

Muh muh ! é 3è John Thornton !

dimanche 5 janvier 2014

corgi in the pré

Sempé... biggest reference EVER ! but let's find something else 

vendredi 3 janvier 2014


Still trying to find a way to keep the line with the color. Anyway,  I'm following veronica mars series. Watched the whole 1st season in less than one week haha ! I'm trying to get ready for the movie ! If I Fell by BSO Across the Universe on Grooveshark

Happy new year !

jeudi 2 janvier 2014